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picQuilt Appraiser, Quiltmaker, and Student of Historic Textiles.

In December 2020, I received a Master of Arts in Material Culture with an emphasis on Textiles (Quilt Studies) from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. This journey all began in 2003, when we moved to Moscow, Russia. I began quilting in 2006. A friend was going to a quilting class offered by a fellow expat. I liked my friend, and wanted to spend more time with her so I went along. I really had no desire to quilt, but once I began, I was hooked. Here we are, many years later, and I can’t believe how much it has encompassed my life! Since 2009, we have lived in San Francisco, California; Singapore; Houston, Texas; and now we are back in my home state of Kentucky. The journey has always revolved around this creative past time, quilting.

I hope you follow my journey in discovering why I love quilting.

Happy quilting . . . .