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May 13, 2010

This morning I went for my 6th accupuncture treatment. I suffer from migraines, and decided to add something else to my healing routine besides the neurologist and the massage therapist. I have suffered from headaches / migraines all of my life. There are a lot of good reports on accupuncture and the affect it can have on the frequency and the intensity of migraines. I am also following a pretty restrictive diet – gluten free, sugar free, processed food free, and migraine trigger free. I am still getting migraines, but when I don’t have a migraine, I actually feel pretty good. So that is a positive.

I really like my accupuncturist. She is a wonderful, caring person. She was telling me today that it usually takes up to 3 months of weekly treatments before you will really see results. Yuck! I didn’t want to hear that! In the whole scheme of things, that isn’t so bad when you have suffered from migraines ever since you can remember!

The diet part isn’t really fun. I do like my chocolate and my sweets! I am dealing with the gluten free part, but when I have one of my headaches, like today, I really want a sweet. I decided to compromise and eat white chocolate! It isn’t the dark chocolate that I love, but it was still yummy!


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