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More Australian Quilting

October 22, 2010

More on my journey to Midland, the suburb of Perth. I don’t really mean to make it sound like a long, arduous trip, after all it was a very quick and pleasant train ride from the Perth CBD to a northeastern suburb.  After visiting Carol’s of Midland, I walked over to Handcrafters House. It was just past the train station. There was a wide variety of things there, material, sewing machines, accessories, etc. There was a class going on in the back room. It looked like a lot of fun. Everyone seemed to be enjoying it, and enjoying each other. I miss “belonging” to quilt store!

I ended up buying a rotary cutter blade, and a small daisy necklace that has a small blade to cut yarn or thread, with a needle threader. I always wanted one of those. With all the plane travel, different airlines in the world have different rules, so this daisy necklace can cause no problems with security!

Happy quilting . . .

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