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Route 66 Quilt

October 31, 2010

Before we moved to Singapore, I needed to get my car to Louisville, Kentucky. We have a condo on the Ohio River there, mostly because we have a lot of family there. It is great to have a place to stay when you are taking extended leaves back home. So my daughter, Sarah, and I thought it would be fun to drive the car back to Louisville, and to follow Route 66 for a lot of the trip. We drove down Highway 1 from San Francisco, to Los Angeles. We spent the night there, and picked up Route 66, then drove cross-country to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Route 66 goes from LA to Chicago, but we got off in Tulsa, and drove over to Tennessee to see Elvis’s home, Graceland, and then on up to Louisville. There are only pieces of Route 66 left, and you follow Highway 40 for the most part, but you can drive on the actual Route 66, and stop to see towns and infamous motels along the route. We had the best time! It really was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed spending the time with my daughter.

As, we were driving through Williams, Arizona, I decided to check out a quilt store there. First off, Williams was such a cute town. It is near the Grand Canyon, and many people stop there as a jumping off point to tour the canyon. The shop was called Quilters Mercantile on Route 66. Be sure to look at their website, it is an adorable store, and the people were so friendly and helpful. I found some Route 66 fabric, and decided I had to do two quilts to commemorate our cross-country journey. I haven’t decided which one I will give to Sarah, and which one I will keep though. I have to buy some backing fabric, and then quilt them. I thought I would quilt them when I head back to the states at Thanksgiving time. I used the BQ2 pattern, from Maple Island Quilts which is an excellent choice, especially if you want to showcase some fabrics.

Happy quilting . . .


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  1. JoAnn Cunningham permalink
    October 31, 2010 5:24 pm

    Route 66 never looked better. Did you think up this design? Very cute. Looks like little roads. Great use of the novelty fabric. What’s the idea for the quilting?


  1. Quilting on Route 66 « Nalasa Designs

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