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Batik Canting

November 7, 2010

I bought this fabulous batik “jacket” at a Singapore fair or bazaar from a company calling itself Batik Canting. Batik is actually a resistance dying process. Wax is applied to fabric, then the fabric is dipped in the dye. The parts of the fabric that are covered with wax, are not colored by the dye. The wax is removed in a bath of warm water, and then more wax is added and the fabric dyed again. Canting refers to the instrument that holds the wax, and is used to apply the wax to the fabric. Hand designed batik is highly sought after. You can read more about the process at Batik Canting.

Individuals working at home or in small workshops in Indonesia create these hand dyed works of art. Batik canting buys these “jackets” from these entrepreneurial women working from their homes. The jackets are hand beaded and decorated. I bought this item, and find it to be absolutely beautiful.

This is the front view:

A back view of the jacket:

I plan on seeking out more batik when we head to Bali in the New Year.

Happy quilting . . .


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