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Fabric Shopping in Singapore

March 1, 2011

Although my dear friend, Laura, only had a couple of days to spend with me in Singapore, we had time to go shopping! As quilters, we naturally love to see textiles and fabrics in any city that we visit.  We made our way down to Arab Street.  You can find a wonderful selection of fabrics, carpets, baskets, and all sorts of goods.

I ended up buying this fabulous chainstitch rug from Kashmir. These are handmade by men from the region. It is being used in “the blue room.” It is the bedroom for my oldest daughter Lauren, and guests. The walls are blue, and everything in the room is basically, black, white, and blue.

I also bought an embroidered table runner from India. I love the colors and the designs on it. It also is adorning “the blue room.”

My friend bought this wonderful tablecloth for her sun porch. I can’t wait to visit. I am imagining sitting on the sun porch, sipping lemonade, admiring this tablecloth!

Happy Quilting . .


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  1. March 2, 2011 4:38 am

    Thanks for the virtual textile shopping. The store in the last photo looks like a wonderful place to get lost in!

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