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Shipment Arrives!

July 25, 2013

After seven weeks living the wanderer lifestyle, our shipment arrives tomorrow. Although I appreciate that life is about the people surrounding you and your circumstances, it is nice to have your things and to make your home, a home. We have been ‘camping out’ in our new house. We have a bed, a couple of nice living room chairs, and a dining table. I bought some outdoor dishes and new pots and pans. So it has been more than enough for living.

BUT, I have had to stop myself, as I want to make it more homey. I keep wanting to buy things to set up the house. I have to remind myself, I have 347 boxes of my things coming this way! Wait to get it all, and then decide what you need, and head to the stores after that!

I really can’t wait to set up my sewing studio. It is kind of refreshing to move, review my stash, supplies, ufo’s, and start fresh!

Happy quilting . . .


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