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Portrait Quilt Workshop

February 17, 2015

In October, the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston offered a painted portrait workshop with Maria Elkins, Maria is talented, and I encourage you to look at her website and blog. You will be blown away by her work.

The workshop was fantastic. We began with a personal photo that had a face filling the entire photo frame, or detailed enough to enlarge and print on a letter sized fabric sheet. I used a photo of a little girl outside of a temple in Cambodia. The picture on the left shows the printed picture, and the right, my drawn image. I used a purple crayon to create the image.

Quited Girl 1

Below I quilted the image. This was my first effort at quilting a face. It was kind of scary, but I think my first effort turned out reasonably well. I am currently in the process of creating 3 more images to be put together in a Warholesque quilt. I am trying to decide how to frame them and attach them together.

Quilted Girl 2

Later I will show how the others are turning out, and what the final version looks like.

Happy quilting…


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