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Balinese Lady

January 20, 2011

Woodcarving is a fabulous art form in Bali. Our driver took us to a wonderful art studio, with some fantastic wood sculptors. We decided to purchase a more traditional Balinese Dancer as our souvenir of the trip. We are so happy with her. The carving is generally done by the men, and is made from large blocks of wood. The finer parts of the process, sanding, and detailing are done by women.

We bought this carving of a traditional Balinese dancer. The hands are so delicate, and the turn of the head looks just like the dancers. This carving is approximately a meter tall.

Balinese Dancer

This close up shows the grace of and beauty of her face. It also shows the tiny details, and delicacy of the carving.

Balinese Dancer Close-up

Here is one of the carvers, hard at work. This is going to be a rather large piece.

Happy Quilting . . .


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