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Batik Process

January 25, 2011

Making batik fabrics is a “resist” process where wax is applied to fabric and the fabric is then dyed. The fabric does not take on the color of the dye wherever the wax was applied on the fabric.  Thus, the fabric “resists” the dying, and does not take on that color. The wax is then removed, and then applied to other parts of the fabric. The fabric is then dyed again. This process; waxing, dying, and removing the wax can produce some very intricate patterns.

The instrument that contains the hot wax is called a ‘canting.’ You can just see this man holding the canting. Hot wax is poured into a small reservoir, and the wax comes out through the tip or the nib, almost like ink out of a pen. The women are also painting fabric with hot wax.

My daughters, Lauren and Sarah, are looking at the various batiks for sale. These fabrics are sold by the meter. Lauren picked up 6 meters to make a quilt with to memorialize her trip!

Happy Quilting . . .


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  1. January 25, 2011 4:01 am

    How wonderful to get to see these fabrics being made and to have such a huge selection for shopping choices. Hope you post your daughter’s quilt when it’s completed.

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