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Cocktails, anyone?

January 25, 2011

One of the distinct advantages of living in Southeast Asia is buying furniture! The quality of the furniture is superb. The prices aren’t necessarily dirt cheap, but they certainly are better than what we would pay buying the same pieces back home.

My husband has always wanted a bar, so we designed this teak piece and had it made here. It was actually constructed in Indonesia, and shipped to Singapore. We worked with Bob Ho of Pasardina Fine Furniture in Dempsey Hill. We then wanted some shelves to hold a few glasses, and bottles. We bought a bookshelf made from a doorway from India. We liked the hardware and the cornice pieces on the doorframe.

See our new ‘bar room’! The bookshelf from India is on the left, with the bar, and matching teak chairs to the right.

A different angle on the room. You can see some of our Russian souvenirs, such as the Russian bear containing vodka, and double headed eagle decanter and glasses from Russia.

Here is a close-up of the front panel of the bar. The carving is very intricate, and such fine craftsmanship!

Off to make some cocktails. Gin and Tonic anyone?

Happy Quilting . . .


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