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Quilty Ornaments

January 26, 2011

“Quilters without Borders,” is my great group of quilt buddies here in Singapore. I love our name! Recently, I joined a knitting group, and we call ourselves, “The Purls of the Orient.” Now, isn’t that a clever name?

From a prior post Secret Santa, I shared my gift for my quilter friend. Because I was in the states over the Christmas holidays, I wasn’t able to share in the holiday party festivities. So yesterday, they brought me my Secret Santa gift. My friend, Debra, made me these wonderful quilted ornaments. They are so beautiful. I am going to hang them on my tree, and I will always remember my friends and the fun that I had here in Singapore! She also gave me a wonderful assortment of Christmas fabric. How lucky am I?

A close-up view of one of the ornaments:

Happy Quilting . . .


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  1. January 27, 2011 9:53 am

    I appreciate the travel/craft aspect of your blog! It’s nice to stumble upon another ex-pat quilter/crafter–I found your link on Carol’s Quiltfever blog. I’m in the States just now, but living in Beijing–it’s been off and on, but it will “on” for the next two to three years, beginning next month. Like you, I’m a “trailing” spouse–great term–and I’ll be teaching in the fall, although quilting/crafting has become my main focus.

    My first challenge as a blogger in China was finding a way around their firewall, which put an end to my first blog– I’m using a paid proxy server to access blogs and other forbidden internet connections.

    I just wanted to say “hi,” and now I’ll read through your posts, starting with Tile Floors and Quilt Patterns.

    • Nalasa Designs permalink
      January 27, 2011 4:07 pm

      Hi Ali,

      Thanks for your comments. I enjoyed my visit to Beijing. It is always different living somewhere though. A vacation / trip doesn’t always give the full feel. Beijing has always been on our radar as a possibility though. I found your blog, and can’t wait to spend some time with it!


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